• I.H.M.C.: Greece
    Jul 22, 2011 · REMIX · Kudos · Download

    I love your noise dance floor smasher hit!sounds rad dude!
    - Oliver (APTBS)
    “It’s Awesome” – Larry Tee
    yesh…very electro-ish. The vocals very 1980s—-Jonas Monk (Manual)

    “The dreamy synths all contribute to an amazing and distinct soundscape you can only sit back and be overpowered by.
    - Nicolai Busse Hanson (Antennas To Nowhere)
    Love ing the final version of Greece. Great minimal retro electro beats, sexy synths, and amazing melodic spooky vocals.
    - Falcotronik ( Metrgnome )


    Miocado // July 02, 2018

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Working on a mix of Greece :