Terms of Service


You may stream any music on the site and download member-generated music for your own listening pleasure.

If you’d like to include member-generated music in any kind of compilation or DJ mix, we ask that you give Rebakery and the artist fair attribution, including a link.

If you’d like to share an individual member-generated track, we’d much prefer that you link directly to Rebakery rather than re-upload somewhere else.


Stems (original audio source files) are available to registered members for on-site remixing purposes only. We ask that you not share them outside of Rebakery’s membership in any form.


You may only upload your own original music, derivative as it may be of other Rebakery music. And anything you upload may be remixed by other members.

If we’d ever like to use your music for any kind of promotional purposes (most likely non-commercial), we’ll definitely ask you first.

These are common-sense guidelines, and not a legal contract, as we are not lawyers.

We will make every effort to enforce them.

But please be aware that we may have to change them in the future.