Rebakery is a social, creative site where musicians can remix each other’s work.

The site was publicly launched in summer 2011, after a very long private beta.

You can upload a mix of any track—

Everything on Rebakery is free to mix. So is anything you upload. Stems (audio file parts) are already available for most tracks, so you can download those and get right to work. Then just come back when you're done to share your mix with the community! It will show up immediately on the Mixes page.

—or you can just upload any old track for others to mix.

Every mix has a source. New uploads hang out on the Unmixed Tracks page until someone decides to mix them. You might just upload whatever you have kicking around in your project den, or you can work on a new collabo, and tag any other Rebakery users you worked with when you upload.

"So... how do I make a track? or a mix?"

Rebakery is 100% B.Y.O.Tools, so you are free to use absolutely anything that can manipulate audio—digital, analog, or physical. If you're new to music production and want to get a sense for what tools are out there, you might want to flip through some gear nerd blogs & magazines like: Create Digital Music, Synthtopia, SynthGear, Electronic Musician, Sound on Sound. Or just pop a message to any Rebakery user to see what they use. (Logic Studio and Ableton Live remain popular on the site, but a toy Casio synth plugged into a laptop works, too.)

As mixes of mixes are uploaded, "remix trees" emerge.

Any track can be mixed, including all mixes. A remix tree traces the lineage of every mix, its ancestors and descendants. A mix of a mix of a mix might still have slight traces of the original seed track.

Anyone can vote mixes up by giving "kudos" to their favorites.

If you hear something you like, click Kudos—this will help it rise up and become featured on the home page.

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Rebakery is not a contest, it's a community.

See also Appendix A: Notes on Rebakery & remixing (the old about page) for some more stylized prose on the topic.