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From the editors

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Nov 04, 2011

Friends, Rebakers, maniacs on the floor,

For the inaugural post of our new blog space, we’d like to share our editorial roundup of the first batch of featured tracks this summer—previously available only to our newsletter subscribers. This is where you should come back to read about what’s happening on the site. Like us on Likebook or follow us on Follower to keep up with the latest. The next batch of featured tracks kicks off later this month!

Happy listening, remixing, or listening so critically it’s like a remix in your mind.

—The Editors

oOoOO: Burnout Eyess

mantris extracted some quirky, insistant riffing techno from the track, while slow_thunder & forlove pitch-destroyed some drums (later roasted over wobbly bass by Richard Knight) and Throbbing Zion dropped the track into a thumping orchestral haze. LISTEN »

Javelin: Streets of Laredo

Manhood’s digital rockabilly spin on this track was so hot we had to get it featured in publicity about the site. Uncle Benny takes us on a whole other adventure through a tropical clime of steel drum, marbima, and loopy synth. LISTEN »

Ital: Only For Tonight (Dubout/Saviour’s Love Megamix)

In two extended techno investigations, foundling pitches the vocals up, down, and all around, while Ssleeping DesiresS goes analog with a 1/4" tape machine. LISTEN »

Weekend: Age Class

That Age Class remains unmixed remains a great mystery. The stems are primo-grade stuff at 48kHz, and full of gritty textures. Will you accept this challenge? LISTEN »

Lucky Dragons: Something’s Missing

Alex Kotch practically made a jazz house club anthem with some very sultry sax (further funkified by Richard Knight) while mantris investigates the innerspace of chimes. LISTEN »

Pigeon Funk: Blues for Raymond

LOOK SEE turns the keyboards into a gentle, floating harmony cut with rhythmic slivers of vocals while Richard Knight strips the track down to its spastic skeleton. LISTEN »